Digital Journalism Journal


This morning in class we continued to have a look at data and the ways that it is used in infographics. the subject of todays class was visualisation and the main points covered in the class were.

.Discussing how we use data to find stories and then visualise them.

.How we use text as data- looking at the state of union corpus.

In the afternoon in class with LJ we looked at the different ways to display data through graphs, for my assessment I will have to use a graph to further explain my narrative in a news story. we also had a go at making our own graphs, I made a pie chart that showed how much money I spend each month and what on.


Today in class we discussed the hw that was previously set, this was to take a look at the way infographics are used by journalists and how they use the raw data differently. we also began to discuss how we use Mode, median and averages to display data.

For our hw we’ve been asked to have a look at data and then make our own article on that data for next Monday.