Sexual offences at an all-time high in Southwark




Over the last few years crime has been on the rise in Southwark, but what is really interesting is that sexual offences have been on the rise, is this as a result of the decrease in policemen in the Uk?

The latest data about crime figures released by the Met states that crime in Southwark has risen by 8.2% in the last 6 years making it the fourth highest borough in London for crime. 5000 more crimes have been reported in the 12 months (2017-2018) making the total 38,000 as opposed to 2017 which recorded 33,000.

One of the most prominent points in the data discloses that in particular sexual offences have risen drastically in the borough.

In the last 12 months there have been 916 sexual offences reported in Southwark, which is a steady change from the previous statistics in 2017 of 886 cases. The year prior to this, 2016 again was lower in offences with 35,683 crimes being reported with 862 of them being sexual offences.

So why are sexual offences on the rise? The news comes as the Met also release new data in January on the statistics of policemen there are in the force. The data shows a direct decrease in the number of policemen that there are across the UK

Despite previous statements from the mayor of London that they would be funding the police department a further 2 million pounds, in October Southwark council announced that no further funding to get more police officers on our streets granted.

With further cuts to the police force London met predicts it will lost 3000 policemen over the next few years.

Southwark police department is on average losing a police officer a week.  With crime rates rising and sexual offences at an all time high how far will statistics have to climb before there is change?