Reflective piece for cross platform advanced

The second module of cross-platform journalism began in January and for this module, the aim was to take the lessons we’d been taught in semester one, then further develop them independently and use them more creatively. We were expected to run more regular shows and have more creative direction with the types of content we produced. We were given the option to decide what kind of work we wanted to produce and I decided that I wanted to be more focused on audio and producing radio shows.


 In one week we produced a radio show which included a movie review and a discussion about whether a university was worth it. In feedback or teacher, Vanessa stated that she felt that the show was a little bit boring and we just need to work a bit more on the types of content that we produced, so the next week we decided that we would focus on coming up with more creative ideas. When performing this new radio show we decided to make our theme tune for it and even named the show, the wicked wild radio show. In the show, we had a lot better more interesting content and got better feedback. We were looking forward to having the chance to even further progress with our radio skills and at that point, I started to feel that I was really getting the hang of using the radio studio and was looking forward to creating more content and further developing my skills.


In my development plan that I completed the last term, I was happy with my presenting skills and helping to film VTs as I felt that id performed well in that area, but wanted to focus on coming up with ideas, writing and working on my technical skills when it came to the live shows. The way I planned to measure if I’d achieved any of these goals was to have our news shows be more successful and also have my written work get noticeably better feedback.

Another one of my more personal targets was to get better at introducing myself to strangers. I always felt like when I was out filming with my group, I would get quite anxious when it came to speaking to strangers and asking them questions. My plan to get better at speaking and approaching strangers was to make a more conscious effort to try to do it (fake it till you make it) and I do feel that throughout the time when I was able to go out and film or record that I became more confident in doing so, however, I still feel that it’s something I need to continue to work on in the future.

Generally, with my Targets that I set myself for this module, I do feel that I made significant improvements in some areas however I also know that there’s still a lot of room to work on my skills. I worry that when I return to University, some of the things I was taught to do with technical skills I may have forgotten. I will be making the conscious effort to remind myself of any technical skills I could have forgotten while not being there.