Hey McDonalds!! “we’re loving it”

Hey McDonalds!! “we’re loving it”

US Fast food chain flips iconic golden arches to honor International Women’s day

For the first time in brand history, McDonalds have flipped their iconic double golden arch logo upside down in celebration of women everywhere.

McDonalds global chief diversity officer, Wendy Lewis, told the news site that the gesture was in celebration of women everywhere, for the extraordinary accomplishments of women everywhere especially in our restaurants.

She added that “women play invaluable roles at all levels” within the company

The gesture sparked some mixed feedback online.

Some Twitter users thought the gesture was ‘cool’, and others not so much .


Ultra-Processed foods can be linked to Cancer

A link between highly processed foods and cancer has been suggested by French researchers.

New studies have shown that consuming highly processed foods can increase your risk of of Cancer 

It’s long been known that eating fresh fruits and vegetables and whole grains lowers the risk of cancer. Obesity also raises the risk of cancer, and junk food is full of calories.

Foods such as cakes, chicken nuggets and mass-produced bread as “ultra-processed”.

A study of 105,000 people hinted the more of such foods people ate, the greater their risk of cancer.

A lot of caution is being expressed about the study, but experts said a healthy diet is best.

Britain could go back to blue passports after Brexit

Britain’s Prime Minister says the blue passport is a symbol of independence and sovereignty.  

The current burgundy styled burgundy European passports will cease to be after Britain exits the European Union. This decision, according to Prime Minister Theresa May, is an expression of  the independence of Britain. According to reports, Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis said following Briatins exit from the EU, the British passports will return to their original appreance, blue and gold design.

Before the UK joined the EU, the passport was once blue with gold designs.

This is expected to come into force in October 2019

The UK government is calling this move a symbolic one as its said to be a restoration of national identity. 

The new passport will be phased in slowly and current passport holders will be able to use the Burgundy ones until expiry date.

There has been several expressions on social media as to the decision, including that of Gordon McKee, Scottish labour press officer who calls the move an unfortunate one


Early morning blaze at ZSL

Early morning blaze at ZSL

Firefighters are battling a blaze at the London Zoo just two days before Christmas. According to reports, more than 70 firefighters and about 10 fire engines responded to the call at ZSL, at about 06:00. It is reported that the fire started in a cafe at the zoo and an animal petting area and gift shop are said to be ablaze as well. There is no confirmation of any animals being involved at this time.


NHS cuts spending on immigrants

NHS cuts spending on immigrants

NHS Doctor says Government should shift their focus on more serious matters.

Government has announced that 2017 will see cuts made to services from the NHS especially to immigrants.

It would now be mandatory for immigrants to show that they have been living in the UK for more that six months and have the right to abode in the UK or they will have to pay for their medical treatments out of pocket and show proof of insurance. 

In recent months NHS workers have taken to the streets with petitions on what they call a racist move by the government.  One NHS doctor at the Penrose Surgery in Walworth says that the Government needs to focus on the more serious issues in the community such as overcrowding and facilities for “rough sleepers” instead of “chasing the people that bring in the money”

“Immigrants bring money into this country, they are the ones that come and find jobs and work and pay taxes just like the rest of us do. They should be allowed access to equal health services.” He further commented that while the NHS does spend a grand amount on  various health services on immigrants , its a small proportion to their actual claim.


Mental Health and Me: A young woman’s journey through Mental Health

Mental Health and Me: A young woman’s journey through Mental Health

After being diagnosed with a depressive disorder, Chelsea Shurland decided it was time to take control of her life and inspire others in the process.

Chelsea Shurland, BSc Sports science

“Having a Mental Health difficulty does not define you; it’s just a part of who you are”. Chelsea Shurland, Mental Health Advocate

There is a taboo that persons with mental health issues are ‘crazy’ and cast aside from society because of what they are going through mentally; 23yr old Chelsea Shurland has a different view.

“Mental Health and Me”, a YouTube channel was created to break down the stigmas and allow people within specific community groups to form and build a conversation around the topic and eliminate the discrimination surrounding the issue.

Born in the eastern Caribbean island of Barbados, Shurland was a happy child to her early years memory.  She moved to the UK at age 12 and lived a quite normal childhood, or so one would believe when looking at her outward appearance. But she had a secret, a heavy load most young girls are forced to carry. She was a victim of abuse and after suffering a breakdown because of such, she made a decision along the way to pull herself back together and help others who are struggling.

It all started for her when she took to the internet, searching for provisions available for students suffering from Mental Health disorders and reading the many stories that people would have shared on their experiences. She then shared her story.  She received overwhelming responses and the idea was born. “Mental Health and Me”, the YouTube series

Mental illness targets

“I decided to share my story on a bigger platform; I would start a YouTube Channel.

“I have suffered from a depressive disorder for about two years. This also involved anxiety. At my deepest darkest moments I have had suicidal thoughts and have spent days on end in bed”, it was a very dark time but I am happy that I am doing better after attending counselling for ten weeks.

According to her, education on mental health important.“There is a definition for someone’s mental health. What I would say is that people need to be educated about the differences between mental health and mental difficulties” Mental health is something that we all have just like physical health. It can either be good or bad. If it is bad, then you can identify as having a mental difficulty. Having a mental health difficulty does not define you, it’s just part of who you are

According to www.healthtalk.org while mental illness is no more common in Africa or the Caribbean than it is in the UK as a whole, it’s a bigger problem for African and African Caribbean communities in the UK.

Everyday life has a big impact on Mental Health, and black communities in the UK are still more likely than others to experience problems such as unemployment, stress, housing, racism and other issues of which can make people ill.

In future, Chelsea has plans to speak to members of the black community and is also in the process of creating another series on ‘Stress and the impact that this has on studying.

Chelsea Shurland is now a Post Graduate student at City of London University attempting a PGCE in Counselling Physcology.

Lecture Notes- Data Journalism Nov 28th

Big Data– extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally, to reveal patterns, trends and associations especially relating to human behaviour and interactions; a collection of our recorded digital traces we leave both on and offline.

Data Journalism– journalism done with data, opening up new possibilities when one combines the traditional “nose for news” and ability to tell a compelling story with the sheer scale and range of digital information now available.

Remember: every purchase we make with our cards, every search we type into google every movement we make, every like…is recorded.

What can you do with Data?

  • Tell what a certain development might actually mean (eg the next financial crisis that is in the making, the economics behind the products we use, the misuse of funds etc)
  • Create personalised calculator to help people make decisions (eg. buying a car, how the may be affected by tax changes)
  • Analyse  the dynamics of a complex situation like a riot or political debate, show fallacies, and help everyone to see possible solutions to complex problems
  • Building articles on facts and insights supported by data
  • Using data improves reports 



Reporter suspended over erroneous story

Reporter suspended over erroneous story

ABC’s Brian Ross has been suspended over erroneous story that trump had ordered the Flynn Russia contact. 

The US investigative reporter has been suspended by ABC News for his erroneous report that Donald Trump directed Michael Flynn to make contact with the Russians.

ABC News confirmed on Saturday that chief investigative correspondent Brian Ross had been sacked over an error in his reporting about former national security adviser Michael Flynn which sent U.S. stocks, the dollar and Treasury yields lower on Friday.

Brian Ross, citing an unnamed confidant of Flynn, the former national security adviser, had reported on Friday that during the presidential campaign Mr Trump had directed Flynn to make the approach.

That would have been an explosive development in the ongoing Russia investigation, but hours later, Mr Ross clarified that report on the evening news, saying that his source now said that Mr Trump had done so as president-elect, after the election.

At that point, he said, Mr Trump had asked Flynn to contact the Russians about issues including working together to fight ISIS. The news of Mr Ross’s suspension for four weeks without pay brought reaction from Mr Trump, who tweeted: “Congratulations to @ABC News for suspending Brian Ross for his horrendously inaccurate and dishonest report on the Russia, Russia, Russia Witch Hunt. More Networks and “papers” should do the same with their Fake News!”

As for Mr Ross, who is ABC’s chief investigative correspondent, he tweeted: “My job is to hold people accountable and that’s why I agree with being held accountable myself.”

ABC was widely criticised for merely clarifying and not correcting his report. It issued a correction later in the evening. “We deeply regret and apologise for the serious error we made yesterday,” the network said in a statement on Saturday.


Fairer visas for skilled foreign workers

Fairer visas for skilled foreign workers

London Mayor believes that skilled foreign workers can help build the economy and makes a call for fairer visas to help skilled workers come to London as he kicks off a week-long trade mission in Mumbai.

Mayor of London Sadiq Khan is setting out plans for flexible visa system that will make the process easier for skilled workers to come to London. These plans include setting up a separate post-study work route for international student to replace the one scrapped by now Prime Minister Theresa May, in April 2012 when she was home Secretary. 

Khan is off on a week long trade mission in Mumbai where he announced a strategy to boost the capital workforce. In the wake of Brexit negotiations, Khan believes that the UK will need to tap into the international talent market to thrive after the exit process is final. He is also calling for a new India-UK international work experience programme and made suggestions to making ti easier for entrepreneurs to be granted visas delaying the requirements for them to have capital funds in place until visa renewal, and easing the job creation demands.

The UK visa system, and its failings, has been one of the keys raised with the Mayor so far on his visit to India.

Indian companies invest more in the UK than they do in the rest of the European Union combined.


NatWest and RBS announces branch closures

NatWest and RBS announces branch closures

A shocking number of Bank branches to be closed by mid- 2018

62 RBS and 197 NatWest branches will be closed come 2018 that will cost nearly 700 employees their jobs.

Branches in Acton, Aldwych, Banstead, Chesham, Cranleigh, Guildford Woodbridge Hill, Hatfield, Hounslow Blenheim Place, Morden, Northwood, Pinner, Rye and Stamford are just a few of the 197 branches listed by NatWest for closures.

This decision can be attributed to customers now using Mobile or Online Banking. Statistically, the number of customers using bank branches has dropped by 40% since 2014, and the number of mobile transactions increased by 73%.