Welcome to Walworth Road

Walworth Road, home to the Iconic English Comic Actor Charlie Chaplin

Once called home by Charlie Chaplin, Walworth Road in South East London is bustling with activities. Although to some, the area might appear a bit slow and draft, there are quite a few hidden gems tucked away in the area.

From cafes to museums, restaurants of various cultural cuisines, theatre and art institute and the lovely Elephant and Castle shopping centre, there is plenty to explore during your visit.

The East Street Market, started in 1880, has been around for more than 150 years, comes alive especially on Sundays with a wide variety of stalls that carry African and Caribbean fruits and vegetables.

The area is also a short walk, bus or tube ride from the South Bank Area, home to the Coco Cola London Eye, the worlds seventh largest ferris wheel, National Theatre and Festival Hall.