Parliament dissolved in Grenada pending upcoming General Elections

5th session of Parliament concludes and plans are already in the making of the reopening of the 6th session.

The offices of the Houses of Parliament in Grenada has served notice that Parliament has been dissolved

In A proclamation by the Governor General Dame Cecile La Grenade, dated October 03, the fifth session of Parliament was prorogued with effect from Friday October 06th 2017.

This was necessary, in preparation for the upcoming General Elections due in the coming months. For an election to be called in Grenada the Parliament must be dissolved.

Constitutionally, Grenada is in an Election year, and the election mood has already been set on the small Caribbean island as the two major political parties are already in campaign mood.

Both the ruling New National Party, who won all 15 seats in the last general election held in February 2013 and National Democratic Congress have each presented 15 caretakers- one to represent each constituency on the island.

It is widely anticipated that a date for the general elections will be called at any time as this must be held no later than mid-2018.

According to records there are 16 active political organisations in Grenada, but only two at present have presented 15 candidates.

As of June 30 2017 there are 73,491 registered voters in Grenada