Lecture Notes- Data Journalism Nov 28th

Big Data– extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally, to reveal patterns, trends and associations especially relating to human behaviour and interactions; a collection of our recorded digital traces we leave both on and offline.

Data Journalism– journalism done with data, opening up new possibilities when one combines the traditional “nose for news” and ability to tell a compelling story with the sheer scale and range of digital information now available.

Remember: every purchase we make with our cards, every search we type into google every movement we make, every like…is recorded.

What can you do with Data?

  • Tell what a certain development might actually mean (eg the next financial crisis that is in the making, the economics behind the products we use, the misuse of funds etc)
  • Create personalised calculator to help people make decisions (eg. buying a car, how the may be affected by tax changes)
  • Analyse  the dynamics of a complex situation like a riot or political debate, show fallacies, and help everyone to see possible solutions to complex problems
  • Building articles on facts and insights supported by data
  • Using data improves reports