NHS cuts spending on immigrants

NHS Doctor says Government should shift their focus on more serious matters.

Government has announced that 2017 will see cuts made to services from the NHS especially to immigrants.

It would now be mandatory for immigrants to show that they have been living in the UK for more that six months and have the right to abode in the UK or they will have to pay for their medical treatments out of pocket and show proof of insurance. 

In recent months NHS workers have taken to the streets with petitions on what they call a racist move by the government.  One NHS doctor at the Penrose Surgery in Walworth says that the Government needs to focus on the more serious issues in the community such as overcrowding and facilities for “rough sleepers” instead of “chasing the people that bring in the money”

“Immigrants bring money into this country, they are the ones that come and find jobs and work and pay taxes just like the rest of us do. They should be allowed access to equal health services.” He further commented that while the NHS does spend a grand amount on  various health services on immigrants , its a small proportion to their actual claim.