Britain could go back to blue passports after Brexit

Britain’s Prime Minister says the blue passport is a symbol of independence and sovereignty.  

The current burgundy styled burgundy European passports will cease to be after Britain exits the European Union. This decision, according to Prime Minister Theresa May, is an expression of  the independence of Britain. According to reports, Immigration Minister Brandon Lewis said following Briatins exit from the EU, the British passports will return to their original appreance, blue and gold design.

Before the UK joined the EU, the passport was once blue with gold designs.

This is expected to come into force in October 2019

The UK government is calling this move a symbolic one as its said to be a restoration of national identity. 

The new passport will be phased in slowly and current passport holders will be able to use the Burgundy ones until expiry date.

There has been several expressions on social media as to the decision, including that of Gordon McKee, Scottish labour press officer who calls the move an unfortunate one