HW: Data journalism potential stories

Two potential stories from True story data: 1. What is the correlation between race and how much truth is maintained in the films? 2. What are the main reasons directors/producers choose to fabricate the truth in these films? The data gives a selection of "Based on a true story" films and

Concerns raised on Council’s proposal to hold music festivals in local park

brockwell park

Lambeth Council have launched a proposal for music events such as Lovebox to be held in Brockwell Park, Herne Hill and some local residents are not pleased. They have launched a campaign for people to pledge not to vote for any councillor that approves the proposal and does not support policies

Deborah Monfries: A Guyanese Cuisine Pioneer

Deborah Monfries

UMANA YANA means "the meeting place of people" and that is exactly the environment Deborah Monfries has created. Deborah 'Debbie' Monfries, 57, is the owner of Umana Yana, a Guyanese and Caribbean takeaway restaurant in Herne Hill. She opened her successful business in 2009, she said 'I was a manager at

What are SEOs?


Search Engine Optimisation: the process for making your website found in search and increasing the possibility of your website being found using: Keywords - what search terms will make your content found - use in headline - H1 Slug - in the URL - in the permalink - edit permalink

Russell Boyce: Reuter’s Own

Russell Boyce presentation

From the presentation given by Boyce it was clear that he is a seasoned vet when it comes to photo journalism at Reuters. The presentation began with snapshots of of photographs taken by Reuters Photographers and there were some amazing photos in the mix. Boyce then began to speak about himself

Coriolanus at The Barbican

Barbican theatre hall stalls seating

A stubborn, proud and strong man, Coriolanus was the epitome of toxic masculinity. The three hour long play takes you on his journey of triumph in war, being disowned by his own people and betrayal of people he trusted. On the 8 November 2017 I went to the Barbican Theatre to

How to Create a Logo

 Check on the theme that you are sing which size your logo will need to be Open a new layer in the size that your logo needs to be in and make sure it is in pixels Adjust the background colour so it is transparent Add an image if

Southwark Crown Court experience

From spending the day at Southwark Crown Court I was able to garner a general sense of the characteristics of it.  As we entered Southwark Crown Court on the 9 November it was a very bleak and quiet atmosphere. There didn't seem to be much going on and when we entered