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Free Antony Gormley exhibition at the South Bank

On September 25, 2017 we found ourselves in an Antony Gormley curated exhibition on the spirit level of the South Bank Centre, Inside which is free entry and runs from 21 September – 15 November.

The first piece you see is a statue named Smeagol’s brother which was so strangle looking it enticed us to see what was coming next and it’s safe to say it was not disappointing. The whole atmosphere of the exhibition was quite eerie and depressing but it still fascinated us with all the stories we were able to listen to on the headphones through song and poetry. All of the pieces we got to see were produced in the UK’s prisons, secure hospitals, and immigration removal centres, and by ex-offenders which only added to the authenticity of the pieces.

Whilst we were at the exhibition we spoke to one of the artists who wished to remain anonymous, he said “Gormley’s work is very grey and bleak, whereas last year when Benjamin Zephaniah was the curator there was more colour.” He added, “There should be more colour! Art brings a ray of light in a grey and depressing prison, that should be reflected.”

Open daily 10am – 11pm.