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Mental Health Meeting with Helen Hayes

Times, dates and location of meeting

Cuts to Mental Health Services have impacted greatly on our communities, especially South East London where the rate of mental illness is double the rest of England, according to the NHS

To keep local residents of Herne Hill up-to-date with the cuts to Mental Health Services on October 18, local MP Helen Hayes and a panel of experts will be attending a Public Meeting at Methodist Church Hall. There, discussions will take place about the quality of Mental Health services and everyone will be able to voice their feelings and concerns. 

Mental Health Cuts have left many people in difficult situations and The Petition of the Dulwich and West Norwood 38 Degrees group aim to raise awareness of that to the people in positions that can bring change, like Helen Hayes. The cuts have left people unable to have a hospital bed that’s close to home, patients not receiving the right care and emergency services having to deal with situations that they aren’t trained for, the Government has promised millions of pounds of funding to Mental Health but that money will leave shortages in other areas of the NHS. This meeting is for people to get answers and discuss their concerns for the future.

October 18, doors open at 7:30pm, discussions will begin at 8:00pm. 

Methodist Church Hall

155 Half Moon Lane

SE24 9HU