How Modern Journalism changed the way we share News

Modern journalism has both pros and cons for us as journalists. It means our information travels faster than it ever has but it also means we have less control over news which is shared. 

The fact that we now have multiple platforms to share our news on means that we have more choice to alter what we say on each one because our format and audience changes depending on which platform we are using. Which is definitely a positive in the way we share news and benefits readers also as we are to tailor what we say to fit each platform. For example, a 140 character tweet could be the only way some people access news and so us being able to communicate our news online is the best option for them and makes it more accessible.

However, the fact that news can be shared by anyone means the era of the citizen journalists has arisen. There’s much more opportunity for anyone to publish news online meaning there’s more competition for journalists and more pressure to upload news as quickly as possible as people will want to read what they can get assess to first. This keeps journalists on their toes but also causes ‘churnalism’, meaning people can copy and paste whatever they like and publish it as their own. 

Also UGC comments means the story will get enhanced and can mean that more information is added by readers, however all comments are the responsibility of the journalist so if someone posts something illegal that is the journalists’ responsibility, which is why comments have to be regulated.