What are SEOs?

Search Engine Optimisation: the process for making your website found in search and increasing the possibility of your website being found using:

  • Keywords – what search terms will make your content found – use in headline – H1
  • Slug – in the URL – in the permalink – edit permalink to have keywords in it
  • Body of text – don’t overload with keywords – could be blacklisted so must have context
  • Names of image files – for image to come up in image searches – alt tag if image doesn’t load will bring caption up as text instead
  • Be careful of clickbait
  • Links to social media accounts – so there is more activity
  • Put keywords in Meta Data
  • Hyperlinks to other sites – creates network for your website – RSS Plug-in – providing internal and external links keeping people on your site but inviting them elsewhere – creates more visitors if you let them know – creates back linking
  • makes sure site is responsive – available on all platforms