Elephant and Castle shopping centre: an unknown future

Elephant and Castle shopping centre is set for demolition following a decision by the council to redevelop the land; however small businesses are still struggling to get their hands on any information. 

The shopping centre was built in 1965 and is currently home to over 50 businesses. The complex is set for demolition by the end of 2019.

With such a small amount of information being confirmed with small business owners, their futures are uncertain and livelihoods are at stake.

Business as usual

Market stall owner, Ahmed claims he has been kept in the dark. He said:  “I’ve known about the plans since around 2000s, every time they’ve delayed it another 3 years. It’s getting ridiculous. I Don’t know what’s going to happen, they’re probably going to move us somewhere else.”

Nana, the manager of the local Elephant and Castle Boots pharmacy said that:  “In the worst case scenario boots will close its branch in the elephant and castle shopping centre to be relocated somewhere within the area”

Entering the shopping centre via the market


The council have yet to announce further details regarding future meetings where they will discuss the regeneration of the area and elaborateon details regarding the demolition. Information on the councils plan for regeneration can be found on their website here.

By Jacob Dickinson


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I'm a first year journalism student at London South Bank University, and i will be covering the Peckham area throughout 2016/17.