Third live show review

The second years are much more comfortable and our content is reflecting it!

Thursday came around faster than ever – it feels like reading week was a blur it passed so quick!

This week I feel like we produced a strong show, not only did our VT packages have a more diverse range of topics, our team seemed  relaxed overall and didn’t take long to settle back in to the newsroom. This week my VT team covered MTV’s music week – an affordable way to see live music. My role in the VT team was to edit the video. Admittedly my premier skills where slightly rusty and I found myself re-watching some tutorials on how to use certain features but I soon found my stride. One issue I had was with audio – it was difficult to edit some of the recordings due to how loud traffic was on the main road. But I made it work. I gave feedback to my team and we all agreed that we should do our voiceovers in a quiet environment in order to enhance the quality of the package. There was a hitch on the VT – when it was played during the live show, the audio was not completely clear which surprised me and my team as it worked perfectly on dropbox, so next week we will make sure it runs fine prior to the show.

This week was my turn to be the social media presenter (finally some air time!) The social media presenters role required me to talk about trending topics on twitter and news that has gone viral on social media. It is my belief that this role is among the most difficult roles in producing the live show, mainly because there is no script to read and having to operate the somewhat temperamental interactive board is always unpredictable. I felt that I fulfilled the role to the best of my ability, I had a couple of stumbles but managed to recover with minimal stress. Another issue was the audio being out of sync at the start of the show but i could do nothing about this. I felt comfortable as a presenter and really enjoyed this role!

Bring on next week! 

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I'm a first year journalism student at London South Bank University, and i will be covering the Peckham area throughout 2016/17.