Fourth week live show review

Another week another show!

This week JLDN’s fourth live show went live and we were ready to go!

In my VT group I was the presenter. We decided to cover a new coffee shop opening in the heart of Shoreditch and it was a relatively straight forward topic to cover – we had an interview set up before 1pm and we had finished the package by the end of the day. So everything pretty much went perfectly, my whole team put in a shift! One thing I’ve noticed with other teams is that lack of communication can really hinder chances of creating a solid VT package, and in some cases I’ve seen team mates not even reply to their team – meaning they had no VT to run for the live show! It made me appreciate my team more. 

In the live show I was social media presenter. Again, I feel this role is very difficult, but with experience from the previous week and feedback from my tutors on how to improve I went into this weeks show with much more confidence – and I feel as if this was reflected! I was overall much more relaxed and excited to do my part for the show! Admittedly I had a couple of stumbles but watching it back I felt like I remained composed on air. I actively seek criticism as I’m always striving to improve on my downfalls as frequent as possible and the feedback I got back this week was to make sure I’m showing what I’m talking about – which makes total sense! If i had to criticise the show, I would say the lighting was not perfect, but the director got feedback on that topic and learned from it, which is what these live shows are about – a way to learn! 

Bring on live show 5 when my role goes from presenter to editor!  

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I'm a first year journalism student at London South Bank University, and i will be covering the Peckham area throughout 2016/17.