fifth live show review

The journalists where out in force once again – and I had a fresh challenge to face.

So this week was my biggest test yet. It was my turn to be news editor. This is the most important role in making the live show, the editor chooses what news makes the show and what gets dropped, the editor is the person that has to keep tabs on their team and finally the editor has to make sure everything runs smoothly. 

So lets talk about me as an editor. It was something that i had to adapt to, so much responsibility all of a sudden and people counting on me. The conference on Monday went pretty well, the team proposed some great news stories and features and everyone was ‘up for it’.

Thursday rolled around and we had our conference. The first issue I faced was one VT group not having a long enough VT for the show – it was around 30 seconds under what the show needed. Not the best start.

Another issue I faced was an issue revolving around a vital component of the live show – the scripts. I kept asking people politely to submit their scripts on inception but it was as if i was speaking another language. I believe all scripts where in by 2pm – an hour before the live show was due to go live.

If this wasn’t already enough stress, I had more to deal with as one of my presenters was ill – so we had to send him home (not that it was his fault he wasn’t very well but finding another presenter proved to be difficult). We found another presenter to take centre stage. There was another issue though; on the scripts it still had his name ‘James’ which signalled when he had to speak – I told the new presenter not to touch the scripts, i had been through them all and formatted them correctly so changing it around just improved the margin for error, however against my word she altered the scripts – ultimately creating complete havoc for herself and the other presenter. There was no names on the autocue and in some cases script was missing.

Another issue I faced was social media bulletins. I said not to cover one story that the presenter proposed to me and assigned a new story to cover. But as soon as the rehearsals came around I found out that yet again one of my team had gone against my word…am I really the editor?! 

Finally, the dynamics of the show was pretty poor. I didn’t feel as if there was too much chemistry between the two presenters and was even made me feel awkward at times, and there was a problem with speaking in sync with what was happening on the screen. 


I met with everyone the following Monday and gave all my feedback to the team and I feel as if people genuinely took it on board. I told them everything I wrote on here and I think it resonated. A fresh start for the live show on Thursday.


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I'm a first year journalism student at London South Bank University, and i will be covering the Peckham area throughout 2016/17.