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Third live show review

The second years are much more comfortable and our content is reflecting it! Thursday came around faster than ever – it feels like reading week was a blur it passed so quick! This week I feel like we produced a strong show, not only did our VT packages have a more diverse range of topics,…read more

Nike x A-Cold-Wall* review

The founder of A-Cold-Wall* Samuel Ross had everyone talking with his highly anticipated sneaker release in collaboration with Nike. Since as early as January this year Samuel Ross teased the Air Force 1 collaboration through his social media and had followers begging for more information regarding release dates and availability. Finally the shoe was released…read more

Second week live show reflection

The first weeks show went better than any of us could have hoped for! But the second weeks show was still all to play for – and we where ready. After a fantastic first week show from the JLDN journalists, the second years set out to top the initial show with some excellent VT packages…read more

Ultimo pt 2 review Palace

Another mediocre launch from London based brand Palace Skateboards It’s all been seen before and it’s just starting to get tiring now. Palace need to make a few changes.  Less than a month after Palace Skateboard’s debut of the ‘Ultimo’ capsule the second half (Ultimo pt.2)  was released on December 16th at the flagship store…read more

Peckham Plex Review

Grab your popcorn and grab your pop, this South London cinema is more than affordable.    Tucked away on Peckham high street, Peckhamplex is not to be missed. With tickets priced at £4.99, yes thats £4.99 all day be sure not to miss out. From the outside Peckhamplex ( also known as Peckham Multiplex) looks…read more

Junk Yard Golf Club Rewiew

Quirky, nostalgic and fun, this crazy golf venue in Shoreditch has everything in its locker. If you want a spontaneous laugh with your mates look no further – Junk Yard Golf Club should be top of your list. As the website describes, it’s the place for ‘Crazy golf, beats, eats and booze.’ Just book your…read more

The walking dead is back,and still a blockbuster!

The walking dead is back,and still a blockbuster! Exciting, nostalgic and enticing, your favourite horror movie returns. formation, the horror finally returns with a tragic and gory beginning. Last season ended with a brutal death at the hand of Jefferey Dean Morgan – The walking dead’s latest villain. Morgan plays a character called Negan, an…read more