Woodford residents distressed as foxes killed by pest control.

After news broke that two foxes were killed by pest control that was privately hired in an East London cul-de-sac, residents have been wondering how to handle the controversial foxes without hurting them.

After a resident hired pest control to kill two foxes, animals which are generally viewed as trouble makers in urban areas, a debate raged on between neighbors on whether this was the right decision morally. Most residents the effected street in East London have issues with the foxes as they tear through bin bags, defecate on properties and even frighten children in some cases leaving one resident I spoke to scared to leave the back door open incase a fox entered.

However, even with these facts it is highly distressing to learn that two animals were killed, with many criticizing the decision as an act of human greed. Many residents dislike the foxes but do care for their wellbeing. One resident who many believe attracts the foxes due to their feeding of them, has been threatened, with verbal abuse hurled at them, however they believe that the foxes “were here before we were” and that “we built on their territory”. Whether this resident does help the foxes flourish in the local area or not, the fact that they are being threatened by those who massively dislike the foxes shows the tension surrounding the topic.

This story is in its early stages however it has already caused lots of issues and asked many questions of residents. Do they want the foxes gone by any means? Or are there some people who believe that we should be able to coexist with them? What is clear is that this issue could easily resolve itself, with foxes moving around and residents adapting to their presence. However, we could also see an increase in foxes and more residents becoming upset with this meaning the council could need to step in. Whatever happens, it could be a while until we see foxes leaving these residents alone…

What residents really want! A fox leaves the street into the distance.