Audio Package Examples

Choose one of the packages and create a script for it – transcribing it and making a note of all the timings. Script for ‘Rashford’ package about free food for children:

Commentator: “Here’s Rashford turning on the edge of the area…”

Presenter: “Marcus Rashford’s focus isn’t just on scoring goals anymore.”

Commentator: “Brilliant finish from Rashford.”

Presenter: “His plan for free meals for the poorest children in England during half term might have been rejected by the government, but he’s not giving up.”

Rashford: “They’ve definitely not been through it themselves, for me its you know I’ll take that all day long as long as we start to see improvements going forward.”

Presenter: “And judging by the number of restaurants and cafes he’s been retweeting all day, others feel the same.”

Allison (Witness) : “A healthy sandwich, healthy fruit a yoghurt and some crisps and a treat as well.”

Presenter: “Allison runs a brewery in Salford, Monday to Friday next week she’ll be packing up free lunches, she’s from a big family of 7 brothers and 4 sisters, so this is personal.”

Allison (Witness): “Being on free school meals as a young child I guess you don’t really appreciate or understand all that your parents are not able to provide, those three meals a day for you.”

Presenter: “Loads of places are inspired by the strikers campaign, like Mark in Newcastle who’s opening up their local football club next week, their ad says ‘no child should go hungry, no judgement, no questions, just get in touch’.”

Mark (Witness): Sandwiches, crisps, either a fruit or yoghurt and a drink, it’s only something little, but for someone it’s something massive.”

Presenter: “Same story over in Manchester, where sandwiches, crisps and fresh fruits are on offer.”

Chloe (Witness): “Hi, we’re from Termot Food Co in West Didsbury.”

Presenter: “Chloe and her team wanted to get involved.”

Chloe (Witness): “Because of everything that’s happened in parliament over the past couple of days, I think it’s really wrong that children should go without meals during the holidays at such a hard time.”

Presenter: “The campaign did force a government u-turn, to offer free meals during the summer in England, you got a supermarket voucher or headed to a holiday club, but this time politicians aren’t persuaded, they say their already looking after those in need.”

Steve Barclay: “The issue is what is the best way of getting support to families.”

Presenter: “Steve Barclay is from the treasury.”

Steve Barclay: “We have done that through the welfare system, through the support to local authorities, targeted measures in schools and above all trying to help as many people keep their jobs.”

Presenter: “In Wales and Scotland there’ll be free meals until next easter, Northern Ireland over this half term, so there is pressure on England. Birmingham, Staffordshire and Kensington & Chelsea local authorities have promised to provide vouchers, for some it’s the only way.”

Witness: “Just wanted to come together as a family and do this, so this is just a gift from our family, to everybody else’s families out there.”

Rashford audio package: Starts with crowd cheering and commentary which grabs attention changes to voiceover which carries story from Rashford the footballer to Rashford the campaigner – Voiceover starts over this and throughout the package 5 different guests discuss the topic, one ‘expert’, Rashford himself behind the campaign and three ‘witnesses’ – Rashford discusses why he is doing what he is, key info from what he has said is extracted to keep the pace. No real gaps in the story, always learning something new. Presenter moves on to restaurant and cafe owners who agree with Rashford and are accomodating free meals for children. There is a clear transition from studio audio / zoom calls into real life, with the sounds of plates and cups introducing the first witnesses segment. She discusses why she agrees with Rashford and gives an anecdote about how she grew up so can relate to kids with little. Shows how common the issue is for listeners. Lots of locations Newcastle, Salford etc. Shows impact of campaign is spread. More ambient sounds of cafe. Chloe is a witness who is introduced who works for a company that distributes food. Her introduction is slightly different as we hear her answering the phone and doing her job before we are introduced to her, setting the scene. She then gives her thoughts on the campaign like the other two witnesses. More context given by presenter and building up to the opposing view by MP, who is introduced in the same way that Chloe is. He begins speaking which reveals his opinion, before the presenter quickly chimes in to tell us where he works and his name. He explains how the government are trying to help and the reason that they haven’t agreed with all of Rashford’s proposals. With the story now balanced the presenter concludes giving more context, positive news and finally highlighting the importance of the campaign with a witness.

Sprouts audio package: Audio starts in car “driving home for Christmas” on radio as it is what we want to do but we cannot do it, sounds such as car door shutting etc. Voiceover – interview on phone, cut between voiceover and interview on phone. Christmas sounds such as TV and music. Conflicting opinions – woman owns salon and needs business to reopen as people just aren’t visiting her business. Going backwards and forwards between time. She is conflicted between saving lives and saving livelihoods. Light almost comical tone when referring to Christmas.

Vaccine audio package: More informal, get a pro opinion from BBC health reporter, facts instead of guessing. Format of questions sent in from listeners for pro to answer. Nice format since they are common questions so its like yours is being answered. So much resource for vaccine so that is why it is sped up.

Fast fashion audio package: Music at a low level in the background. Anecdote at the start from factory worker then interviews on street. Expert opinion mixed in throughout. We hear from presenter first of all before listening to a factory worker. Eye witness no music, no pattern to music. Credible story once expert gets involved. Lots of different points of view.