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Welcome to my website. I’m Phil.

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I am a student journalist with the intention of finding significance in the seemingly insignificant, ensuring that news is relevant, interesting and accessible to the general public.

It is easy to feel disenfranchised by, or distanced from, the multitude of social and political happenings profoundly affecting the lives of so many. As a journalist, I aim to find stories of both local and international interest and help to bring clarity and simplicity to their import by raising hard truths in an eloquent and captivating way.

Sourdough Times aims to highlight the importance of time and patience in journalism. The fast paced world of Twitter has led to many a poorly risen story, with the reader’s desire to feast upon speculative crumbs often preventing reporters from giving their stories time to proof. Really, a good story should be doughy with fact and detail. And besides, one only needs to go on social media or to walk down an urban hughstreet to see that we truly are living in Sourdough Times.