From food banks to fashion

Morgan the 18 year old

Sat with his hands wrapped around a black tea, Morgan was ready to tell me all about his life leading up to his acceptance into the fashion world. Since 1999 when Morgan was born his life has been far from easy. Since his father left without notice when he was

Reuters: changes to the photojournalism industry

Russell Boyce

On Tuesday 7th November Russell Boyce spoke to truth about problems he faces day to day in the photojournalism industry. Russell spoke to first year journalism and photography students and revealed how Reuters, the news agency, overcomes problems made by social media and technology developments. Russell has worked for Reuters for

Peckham NIB’s

Peckham nightclub faces closure  A 19-year-old boy was stabbed to death outside Afrikiko in Peckham and no one from the venue called 999. The clubs licence was revoked three days after the death and a 21-year-old has been charged with murder and possession of an offensive weapon.  Cyclist dies on Peckham high

It ain’t safe on the block, not even in Peckham


Over the past five years grime music has been a staple for teenagers especially those living in London for areas any less civilised than Kensington and Chelsea. Grime music creates sub cultures such as gang activity and ‘tracksuit mafias’. As much as it may be unintentional UK rappers like award winning

Southbank’s secret forest

Underbelly Festival

For the summer of 2017 the Southbank's Udderbelly joined hands with the London Wonderground festival to bring a new platform of cabaret and comedy, along with plenty of choice for food and drink, to provide everything necessary for a convivial night out. Despite high piece points at almost every stall, tourists