Over the past five years grime music has been a staple for teenagers especially those living in London for areas any less civilised than Kensington and Chelsea. Grime music creates sub cultures such as gang activity and ‘tracksuit mafias’.

As much as it may be unintentional UK rappers like award winning Giggs from Peckham introduces crime into youth culture through violent lyrics and gang imagery. Lyrics such as ‘feds try to nick me for a murder, but it could’ve been the man that had the weapon before me” normalises violent crimes and the use of weapons into today’s teens. Young people aspire to today’s musicians, and the youth of Peckham look up to grime artists especially those that have risen to fame into the local area.

UK crime stats shows how easily influenced these kids really are. Drug related crimes were the fourth most apparent amongst crime committed between September 2016 and August 2017 in Peckham. Not unique to Peckham, boys who look as young as 7 and 8 are often seen riding around bikes in tracksuits in large groups claiming their territory in a grime-gang style. Does listening to this sort of language on a day to day basis standardise crime into something that the young generation of Peckham now reflect on as normal?