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From food banks to fashion

Morgan the 18 year old

Sat with his hands wrapped around a black tea, Morgan was ready to tell me all about his life leading up to his acceptance into the fashion world.

Since 1999 when Morgan was born his life has been far from easy. Since his father left without notice when he was only 4, the 18-year-old has overcome hurdles that his family thought they would never overcome.

It didn’t take him long to realise that his dad had left, Morgan explained that ‘he just went to work one day and never came back’. His mother had a hard time financing him and his younger brother through school on a low paid job as a single mother, they regularly visited food banks.  This meant he spent a lot of time on his own, and he became comfortable with his own company and from a young age learned to fend for himself without the help of family and friends.

‘Ever since I was young I liked ‘weird’ clothes, pink t-shirts and baggy trousers. Around the time, I turned 12 I had become very familiar with the online community surrounding fashion, something none of my school friends were interested in, so I didn’t really know this kind of community existed’. Morgan took his passion for clothes into his adolescent life and came to realise that there was a big enough industry behind it to turn it into his career. Morgan applied for a few universities, including Central Saint Martins to study Fashion Communication.

Waiting to hear back from universities was an apprehensive time for Morgan, he didn’t have a backup plan, university had always been his dream. The 18-year-old heard back from all of his choices and selected University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins as his first choice. He needed three B Graded A levels, and on A level results day he was astounded by what he had managed to achieve – 1 A and 2 B grades.

I spoke to a flat mate of Morgan’s who said ‘I couldn’t believe how much he’d been through, it made me realise how easy my life has been’. Morgan spoke about how his flat mates haven’t singled him out from coming from a poor background. He explained how ‘people have finally stopped acting like children and I can finally leave my past behind without people at school reminding me of it’. This lead to Morgan opening up about his hard time at primary school. He found it hard to make good friends at any of his schools due to the clothes he wore and where he lived, but he managed to pull through all the hardships because of how lucky he was to have not had many people to support him from a young age.

Morgan dreams to have a family of his own one day and maintain a successful career. He never would have dreamed he would make it to university but through ignoring the bullies he is perusing his dream and hopes to become a house hold name.