London Love

London, this city’s been fascinating me since my first travel here. 5 years later I’m sitting on my bed in my Londoner apartment and preparing myself to fly to Vienna over the weekend. I am so excited to see my friend but looking out of the window and thinking I don’t want to leave is weird. I don’t know what it is about this city but only after one year, it has become my home. I love London in every single way, by night and day time, from north to south and from east to west.

The people, the architecture, the culture, the food, even the tourists and god I love the weather. Yes, I agree very unusual to say that but where else has the weather its own mood? And every time I drive across the river I feel some kind of secureness in me. As a proud south Londoner, the highlight of my day is to travel across the river.

I was born in the countryside I am a country girl and that’s my blood status. Personally, I think you have to stick to that because I am not a country girl. Id likes to see me as the lion who is the queen of the big city jungle. (I know this metaphor was rather bad as there are no lions in the jungle but, whatever.

London is crazy and it is so unique. This anonymity that the city gives you is kind of secure and scary at the same time. So every day I try to survive in this rather interesting city. Surrounded by exotic cuisines, friendly and not so friendly people, tourists trying to find the London eye on Westminster bridge and all this under the arms of this city who carries me along like a mom its child.

Podcast Workbook

Podcast Workbook

7.4.2019 -> I made my Idea on what I want to talk about in my podcast. I first wanted to focus on mental health in general but quickly decided that I would like to focus it on LSBU. I thought about who to talk to and decided that I wanted to have professional opinion of a psychologist, a student who would talk to me about what they think about the mental health support at LSBU and a member of the LSBU mental health support

14.4.2019 -> I wrote my script for the introduction and the outro and emailed the mental health support team from LSBU. The came back to me with a no as an answer. I wrote my introduction where I present some facts and figures I got these statistics off

20.4.2019 -> I talked to Thomas Steinbock a psychologist from Germany who lived and worked in the UK for many years. He is specialized in mental health behavior and disorders. On the same evening we had the interview and he told me how this all works and conncets.

28.4.2019 -> After a meeting with Michael telling him that the mental health support team from LSBU didn’t wanted to talk to me he suggested me to speak to Dr. Jenny Owen the student life experience co Ordinator. I emailed her the same day and she was very helpful.

30.4.2019 -> I walked around the university to get my sounds of students in the student life center. Afterwards I spoke to Alex who is a student at LSBU and he gave me a short interview on what he thinks about the mental health support.

5.5.2019 -> I had my Interview with Dr. Jenny Owen. She gave me a great interview and I realized that she knows a lot about each individual student. It is her Job to help students in every life situation and with every problem they might face.

After I got all my Interviews I Recorded My introduction so I had all my sound clips together.

7.5.2019 -> I started editing the podcast where I faced some difficulties because I wasn’t very used to it. It came out well although my interviews where all a bit too long so it was difficult to decide which part was important and which wasn’t.

9.5.2019 -> I finished up editing and everything the podcast is ready to upload.

10.5.2019 -> I uploaded the Podcast on Soundcloud did the last edits on my workbook. I wrote down the pod cuts and wrote my lead in and back announcement. Then I was ready to upload everything to the submission website.


Income/Life expectancy chart

Screenshot taken off Income related to life expectancy in different countries

In the above chart you can see income compared to Life expectancy all over the world. For example the highest Life expectancy is Japan (84.2), the highest income is Luxembourg (99K). Also, Luxembourg has a high life expectancy similar to Japan. The country with the lowest income is Somalia, with (629). The lowest life expectancy is Lesotho (51.1).

In this chart it is concluded that life expectancy and income do relate, although it is not the only fact for a low life expectancy. The difference of years in Life expectancy between Luxembourg and Lesotho are around 30 years and the income about 95K.

To develop my studies I would like to look at Life expectancy vs. Co2 emissions per ton, per person, per year. This has shown that the rich countries with the high life expectancy have around the highest Co2 emission.

Data is always being used in Journalism, Data can add facts to your story, it can be a story and it helps to emphasize a story more.

But you should never overload your reader with numbers! 🙂


Racism in student halls


The picture was taken by Isabella Ehrlicher and shows the flat where the incident has happened on the 4th of December.

On the 4th of December 4 Students got caught smoking in the Kitchen of McLaren house, a London Southbank University student accommodation. The incident happened at midnight and the students were sent back to their rooms after the Student Ambassadors took their names.

A couple of days Later K.L who wants to stay anonymous, who was directly involved in the incident, received a letter from the management of the halls of residents. This contained an invitation to a local Investigation meeting on the 10th of December. It also included a report from the student ambassadors about the incident, which says: “We did not trust them, they were speaking a different language.”

K.L is from Latvia, as a student living abroad and considering Brexit, he doesn’t feel very welcome in this country.  But the comment in the report left him feeling shocked. “This is very rude and I am very disappointed towards this attitude”

The Investigation meeting got cancelled as two of the people werent in the country to attend the attend the meeting and it has now been postponed until January 2019.

Alan Dodson a vinyl trader in elephant and castle

Alan Dodson is a vinyl and antics trader at the Elephant and Castle market. You will find him sitting on his chair with his fur hat on, smoking a cigarette and speaking about the great musicians he has met in the 60s.

He has started his career as a supermarket manager when he was only twenty years old. After a couple of years, Superdrug the drugstore brand came and asked him if he wanted to work for them. But Alan wanted to do his own thing so he started selling his cosmetic products. Unfortunately, this didn’t go as well as planned and  Alan decided to work for the fire brigade. 

26 years he worked for them as a computer technician and introduced his station how to use computers. After 26 years he decided to go into early retirement. After a year of doing nothing, he wanted to open his own little store at Elephant and castle. Underrated by the market manager, that he wouldn’t have his store for very long. He still got his place in the heart of Elephant and Castle.

He started with selling DVDs and CDs but suddenly he experienced this little niche that the “youngsters” are getting more and more interested in vinyl records. So he decided to add records to his stock. Alan has lived all his life in this area: “I’m not just a local trader, I’m a local customer, a local person”.

Everyone who has ever visited Alans record store can clearly tell that he loves music; Ambelique and Bob Dylan are blasting out of the speakers. Alan is enjoying the music, the people visiting his store and listening to his stories. Alan is enjoying life. “I`m a bit like Elton John, I`m a lover of music“. And music was his first and only love. Alan seems a bit like a lonely wolf howling songs of Bob Dylan. 

Alan was keen enough to meet one of the greatest songwriters of the 20th centuries including Earl Stuart, Paul Simon and his idol Bob Dylan. He looks back with joy on the times where he smoked cigarettes and drank wine with these music icons. He said that he has met his idol and even though Bob Dylan was a shy and quiet guy and Alan was a bit disappointed, he said he has met his hero and he will never forget this day. Alan seems very happy when he speaks about his idols and he smiles from one ear to the other. 

“music, laughter, humour, comedy, sex, drugs and Rock n Roll back in the 60s that’s what matters to me“

His customers describe him as a “cool guy”, knowing everything about music and Lawrence Simms said: “I am always excited to see him and hear his stories about the 60s and Bob Dylan and he can always recommend me a good vinyl.”

As mentioned before, Alan seems like a lonely wolf, He has never been married and doesn’t have children. His only love ever was music. He said he never regretted not getting married. The only time where he has felt lonely was when he was in the hospital, but this wouldn’t let him down.

His plan for the future is to get his own little record store. When the shopping centre is being teard off, many shopkeepers will lose their shops. Alan wants to find his own little store, locally, and he wants to expand more with records and antiques. 

Winter Wonderland taking the money out of peoples pockets

Winter Wonderland taking the money out of peoples pockets with too high prices for attractions and food. Family attraction turns into biggest nightmare.

Winter Wonderland is one of the biggest attraction in London during Christmas time. Thousands of people come every from the 23rd of November until the 6th of January. Not just tourists visit the German embossed attraction, also Londoners come and visit the place. It is known as a romantic attraction, for young and old but Winter Wonderland costs a fortune. £7 – £12 for an under one minute ride on one of the rollercoasters or carousel. Food and Drinks are about £7 as well. But the people visiting the wonderland are more than happy to pay this. Katja Trbara a student at Goldsmith University said: “Yes, it`s expensive but its definitely worth it” and after asking her how much money she has spent tonight she refused to tell me but she said it was too much.

People are more than happy to pay these expenses. And Julian Wing said: “I’m only doing this for my children, I absolutely hate it here”. But apart from that people seem to like Winter Wonderland and you can only see happy faces.

London South Bank University`s Drama Society performs “SEPTEM”

Six actors and one pill, the outstanding drama performance of SEPTEM  by the Drama Society of London South Bank University has left the audience speechless.

On the 29th of November, the Drama Society of LSBU has come together to perform the SEPTEM, which was originally a movie but the director Annie Moohan decided to make a play out of it. The play was written by Hazel Hayes and Sammy Paul.

Introducing the play with: “In front of you is a pill… If after twenty-five minutes nobody has taken it, you will all die. Survivors will win their share of fifty million pounds. Good Luck.” gives the audience already a clue how this will end, but it does not mean that the tension is gone immediately. Throughout the play, the actors would always manage to get the audience involved emotionally and with this sense of humour some sort of dark, some sort of dry humour. When it came close to an end, there was no holding back anymore. I sat in my chair holding on to it as I was so spellbound by the acting and the plot of the play.

Later I spoke to Jack Cooke, he played Trevor in the play and he said that he enjoyed working with the other cast and he also found it good that first, second and third years were playing together as he can learn a lot from the other actors in the Drama Society

The play was held at London South Bank University-Borough road 103,          SE1 0AA in Studio 6, admission was although a small donation for the Drama Society was suggested.

An emotional evening with Liu Xiaobos`s Poems

                                         Liu Xiaobo Nobel Peace price winner in 2010

On the 7th of November, five actors came together in the National Poetry Library and read out poems by Liu Xiaobo and his wife Liu Xia. It was all about a love story between life, his women and his country. The event could be considered as sensitive as it is a criticism against the Chinese government.

The poems were read out in English and some of them also in Chinese. This empathised the atmosphere, even more, the visitors were feeling very emotional by the poems and the things Liu Xiaobo wrote. “In tears, I write to you again”, “I`m your lifelong prisoner”, “darkness is my destiny”. His words were considered as very emotional as Alana Falkhoff told me after the event. She also said that it was very powerful when all the actors stood up and read out the last poem. 

People were left in tears after the event and really appreciated the event. The poems are so touching and emotional.

The Event was in the national Poetry Library which is based in the royal festival hall and the admission was free, taking pictures was not allowed. With his speech “No Enemies” Liu Xiaobo has set a statement all over the world

National HIV testing week – Give HIV the finger

                                       Picture from the IIP Photo Archive-Flickr

From the 17th until the 23rd of November it is National HIV testing week. This is a campaign started by the HIV Prevention England. The National HIV testing week is there to remind people, to get tested. 

Due to this the Public health England has provided in the past and expanded this year the free HIV postal testing kits. Many people on social media have shared their opinions on it and went testing themselves, such as the Duke of Sussex. He said Testing on HIV should be something to be proud of, not something to be embarrassed or ashamed about. This should convince people to take the test and not be ashamed, as the Duke of Sussex was the first member of the royal family to be tested on the HIV virus.

Luca (22) suffers himself on Aids after going to a club with some friends he got stabbed in the back with a contagious needle. Luca said that he was scared to do this test, but he said that this brings some kind clarity. He supports the national HIV testing week in every way he can and wants to help especially young people who suffer from this illness.