Being a Student in the first year can sometimes be hard. For people who come from abroad, there are so many new experiences, new people an different language and a culture you are just not used to. The first week was hard but the people you meet and identify with are the reason for you to survive. I am from a small town in Switzerland and never lived in a city such as London, this was always my big dream to get out of my comfort zone and see the world. The people in London are inspiring and so individual. in a small town, everyone looks at you when you are different, they judge and you clearly feel that you don’t fit in the social norms. 

The area in Southbank always makes me feel that I am someone and that I can do whatever makes me happy and fulfils me. I had a walk yesterday with my friend Abi and we walked down from the London Eye to Borough market, the street artists, the singers on streets are very inspiring to me. My favourite is the little bookstand, where you can purchase second-hand books and every time I walk past I always find a little treasure. It is an area full of surprises and inspiring people and you feel in a different world walking down the streets, it gets you away from the daily basics and leaves you completely happy afterwards.