People walk for freedom on the march of Brexit

Thoundsan of people came together to protest against Brexit and for a better life.

On Saturday the 20th of October People stood up for the rights and marched from Hydepark Parklane down to Parliament Square against Brexit. People from all over the country came to London to protest. The march started at 12 pm and around 700`000 people attend. (BBC)

Steven has lived in the UK for over ten years, he is originally from France and said: “I got Rights as well”. People from all age groups attended the march. Susan was a big part in organizing the march she said: “I’m marching for my future, I don’t know if this will change anything but I am not losing the hope” People were devastated after the referendum has been accepted.

People where hopefull and wanted to be heard by the politicians. The goal of this protest would be another vote. A petition is currently ongoing. 

“But in the end, if young or old British citizens we all live in the same country and should act as one country.”