National HIV testing week – Give HIV the finger

                                       Picture from the IIP Photo Archive-Flickr

From the 17th until the 23rd of November it is National HIV testing week. This is a campaign started by the HIV Prevention England. The National HIV testing week is there to remind people, to get tested. 

Due to this the Public health England has provided in the past and expanded this year the free HIV postal testing kits. Many people on social media have shared their opinions on it and went testing themselves, such as the Duke of Sussex. He said Testing on HIV should be something to be proud of, not something to be embarrassed or ashamed about. This should convince people to take the test and not be ashamed, as the Duke of Sussex was the first member of the royal family to be tested on the HIV virus.

Luca (22) suffers himself on Aids after going to a club with some friends he got stabbed in the back with a contagious needle. Luca said that he was scared to do this test, but he said that this brings some kind clarity. He supports the national HIV testing week in every way he can and wants to help especially young people who suffer from this illness.

Knife crimes are getting more and more serious in London


People are scared to walk alone after 8 pm. The knife crime has become a serious issue in greater London. After the latest stabbing on Old Kent-road where a 75-year-old woman has been stabbed, people are getting more frightened to leave their home or walk the streets at night.

Mary (42) said that she is scared of the stabbing becoming more common but she doesn’t understand it at the same time and wants people to stop. She said that she doesn’t want her daughter to walk by herself. 

Old Kent-road has become a serious spot in south London for knife stabbing and people are not suggested to go there since a 15-year old boy has been stabbed there as well earlier this month.

People feel left alone without the polices help. Cathrine (24) a university student, living on Old Kent-road, said that she considered moving out of her accommodation because of the safety in her area.

People are sure about the fact that the council and the police need to work on the safety in this area. And feel like that they don’t care about the fact that Southwark and the rest of London are getting affected by this.

Artists and Society

“An exhibition not as usual” 14 rooms with over a 150 paintings about Artists and Society

The exhibition Artists and Society is displayed in the famous Tate Modern Gallerie on Southbank in London. It is open to anyone and the admission is free. Sculptures, photographs, paintings, prints, videos, posters and blackboards with notes on them are displayed in 14 rooms each with a different them. Nathan (24) said: “It is so wide-ranged, so unusual and also timeless” Famous artists such as Picasso and Joseph Beuys displayed their works in the exhibition. The artworks in the exhibition are often critical against society and let the visitor think. 

Some very critical works where displayed others just people in their daily life and with others you had to go a lot more into detail. Torrie Gabb said that she looked at the picture and after reading the description of the art-works she felt a lot more different about it. 

The exhibition was very well visited and a lot of people were very interested. As the exhibition is displayed over so many rooms and in between you have movies which are from five to ten minutes it is suggested that to visit the exhibition you will need more than an hour.

The Telegraph trying to impact the younger generation to read the news via Snapchat

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms over the years. The App where people communicate within “snaps” is mainly popular within younger age groups. After developing the app with updates Snapchat decided to bring newspapers and other online news sources to the consumer. There are many different kinds of newspapers such as the Cosmopolitan, Daily Mirror, Buzzfeed and many more. 

The Telegraph updates their stories every day in the late afternoon. Their posts include mainly about 10 slides where articles are linked to. Little documentarys but also hard news are included. For example last week they uploaded a post on Stormy Daniels being a “Liar” and about John Lawson who was glad for his brain tumour.  The most recent one is about the Ryanair hand luggage charge.

The appeal of the Stories are mainly visual and there is always playing music in the background. The pictures are moving and tried to be as attractive to look as possible. 

My personal opinion on their Snapchatstories is very good, Snapchat is the social media platform I use mostly but during the last update, Snapchat hasway too many adds between the stories of your friends but also during the subscribed content you want to read or watch.