The Telegraph trying to impact the younger generation to read the news via Snapchat

Snapchat has become one of the most popular social media platforms over the years. The App where people communicate within “snaps” is mainly popular within younger age groups. After developing the app with updates Snapchat decided to bring newspapers and other online news sources to the consumer. There are many different kinds of newspapers such as the Cosmopolitan, Daily Mirror, Buzzfeed and many more. 

The Telegraph updates their stories every day in the late afternoon. Their posts include mainly about 10 slides where articles are linked to. Little documentarys but also hard news are included. For example last week they uploaded a post on Stormy Daniels being a “Liar” and about John Lawson who was glad for his brain tumour.  The most recent one is about the Ryanair hand luggage charge.

The appeal of the Stories are mainly visual and there is always playing music in the background. The pictures are moving and tried to be as attractive to look as possible. 

My personal opinion on their Snapchatstories is very good, Snapchat is the social media platform I use mostly but during the last update, Snapchat hasway too many adds between the stories of your friends but also during the subscribed content you want to read or watch.