Knife crimes are getting more and more serious in London


People are scared to walk alone after 8 pm. The knife crime has become a serious issue in greater London. After the latest stabbing on Old Kent-road where a 75-year-old woman has been stabbed, people are getting more frightened to leave their home or walk the streets at night.

Mary (42) said that she is scared of the stabbing becoming more common but she doesn’t understand it at the same time and wants people to stop. She said that she doesn’t want her daughter to walk by herself. 

Old Kent-road has become a serious spot in south London for knife stabbing and people are not suggested to go there since a 15-year old boy has been stabbed there as well earlier this month.

People feel left alone without the polices help. Cathrine (24) a university student, living on Old Kent-road, said that she considered moving out of her accommodation because of the safety in her area.

People are sure about the fact that the council and the police need to work on the safety in this area. And feel like that they don’t care about the fact that Southwark and the rest of London are getting affected by this.