Income/Life expectancy chart

Screenshot taken off Income related to life expectancy in different countries

In the above chart you can see income compared to Life expectancy all over the world. For example the highest Life expectancy is Japan (84.2), the highest income is Luxembourg (99K). Also, Luxembourg has a high life expectancy similar to Japan. The country with the lowest income is Somalia, with (629). The lowest life expectancy is Lesotho (51.1).

In this chart it is concluded that life expectancy and income do relate, although it is not the only fact for a low life expectancy. The difference of years in Life expectancy between Luxembourg and Lesotho are around 30 years and the income about 95K.

To develop my studies I would like to look at Life expectancy vs. Co2 emissions per ton, per person, per year. This has shown that the rich countries with the high life expectancy have around the highest Co2 emission.

Data is always being used in Journalism, Data can add facts to your story, it can be a story and it helps to emphasize a story more.

But you should never overload your reader with numbers! 🙂