London Love

London, this city’s been fascinating me since my first travel here. 5 years later I’m sitting on my bed in my Londoner apartment and preparing myself to fly to Vienna over the weekend. I am so excited to see my friend but looking out of the window and thinking I don’t want to leave is weird. I don’t know what it is about this city but only after one year, it has become my home. I love London in every single way, by night and day time, from north to south and from east to west.

The people, the architecture, the culture, the food, even the tourists and god I love the weather. Yes, I agree very unusual to say that but where else has the weather its own mood? And every time I drive across the river I feel some kind of secureness in me. As a proud south Londoner, the highlight of my day is to travel across the river.

I was born in the countryside I am a country girl and that’s my blood status. Personally, I think you have to stick to that because I am not a country girl. Id likes to see me as the lion who is the queen of the big city jungle. (I know this metaphor was rather bad as there are no lions in the jungle but, whatever.

London is crazy and it is so unique. This anonymity that the city gives you is kind of secure and scary at the same time. So every day I try to survive in this rather interesting city. Surrounded by exotic cuisines, friendly and not so friendly people, tourists trying to find the London eye on Westminster bridge and all this under the arms of this city who carries me along like a mom its child.

Podcast Workbook

Podcast Workbook

7.4.2019 -> I made my Idea on what I want to talk about in my podcast. I first wanted to focus on mental health in general but quickly decided that I would like to focus it on LSBU. I thought about who to talk to and decided that I wanted to have professional opinion of a psychologist, a student who would talk to me about what they think about the mental health support at LSBU and a member of the LSBU mental health support

14.4.2019 -> I wrote my script for the introduction and the outro and emailed the mental health support team from LSBU. The came back to me with a no as an answer. I wrote my introduction where I present some facts and figures I got these statistics off

20.4.2019 -> I talked to Thomas Steinbock a psychologist from Germany who lived and worked in the UK for many years. He is specialized in mental health behavior and disorders. On the same evening we had the interview and he told me how this all works and conncets.

28.4.2019 -> After a meeting with Michael telling him that the mental health support team from LSBU didn’t wanted to talk to me he suggested me to speak to Dr. Jenny Owen the student life experience co Ordinator. I emailed her the same day and she was very helpful.

30.4.2019 -> I walked around the university to get my sounds of students in the student life center. Afterwards I spoke to Alex who is a student at LSBU and he gave me a short interview on what he thinks about the mental health support.

5.5.2019 -> I had my Interview with Dr. Jenny Owen. She gave me a great interview and I realized that she knows a lot about each individual student. It is her Job to help students in every life situation and with every problem they might face.

After I got all my Interviews I Recorded My introduction so I had all my sound clips together.

7.5.2019 -> I started editing the podcast where I faced some difficulties because I wasn’t very used to it. It came out well although my interviews where all a bit too long so it was difficult to decide which part was important and which wasn’t.

9.5.2019 -> I finished up editing and everything the podcast is ready to upload.

10.5.2019 -> I uploaded the Podcast on Soundcloud did the last edits on my workbook. I wrote down the pod cuts and wrote my lead in and back announcement. Then I was ready to upload everything to the submission website.