Alessia Sasso, LGBTQ+ activist, supporter and member

Alessia Sasso is a member of the LGBTQ+ community. For man years she has been supporting the movement and community. On the 11th of October, which is national coming out day, Alessia faced her fears and the pressure of society and officially came out. 


Alessia was born in Italy and five years ago she came with her mother to the UK. She studies Journalism at London Southbank University.  On Friday the 15th of November for the first time she officially spoke about her experiences and challenges she faced over the years.

Growing up in traditional Christian household things weren’t always easy and when it came to opening up to her family about her sexuality, she always felt wrong and not accepted. And that is also the reason why she kept it for herself for so long. She decided to come out because she felt like there was something wrong. She felt like she was lying to her friends and family and even worse to herself. 

On Journalism.London, she said that she has known that she is bisexual for almost her whole life. 

My life definitely changed after my coming out, I now feel free and confident. She says in an interview. Adding, its like I got rid of a big weight and now I feel lighter and ready to fly. 

She has been supporting the LGBTQ+ community over the last years. She attended the pride days and general events, spread the word. She talked to many people who might not support the movement and community as much. No matter what, Alessia always made sure her voice is being heard.

In the Interview with Journalism London, Alessia talked about her struggles with facing bullying in school and how this was one of the main reasons why she didn’t come out for so long. Her aim is it to prevent children in young age from bullying. She wants to make people aware that there is not just one type of sexuality. An in order to achieve this, she says, We have to start in education and optimise our education. And as soon as children have sex education in schools this should be introduced. 

But for now, she wants to spread the word and love and finally lives the way she always wanted to live.

About the LGBTQ+ movement: 

LGBTQ stands for Lesbian, Gay, bisexual, transgender and Queer and the + for everyone who identifies the selves with the community but might not fall into these groups. The LGBTQ+ community has become more popular over the years. In order to make people aware and get acceptance for something which has not been accepted for many years. With the LGBTQ+ week in November and the pride days throughout the years the community is reaching out to all people. Some who have come out some who might have not but they always want to make sure that their movement is becoming bigger and bigger and that LGBTQ+ people are accepted just as they are. 

Isabella Ehrlicher