London Love – The Tube

Many commuters are going insane every day. Yeah, the tube has a reputation. It’s this thing you want to go to work in the morning and are already stressed before you even reached your workspace. Sweaty smelly people so close to you you haven’t even been to yourself. trying to squeeze through the crowd when your stop is reached and you get so paranoid that you won’t make it off the train so you start panicking and probably kicking everyone around you.

However,  there is this thing about the London tube which makes me happy. It makes me feel like an actual Londoner. I know this sounds kinda stupid but it’s true. knowing exactly where to enter the tube to get off right in front of the exit. But that is probably the country girl speaking out of me. The only public transport we had was a bus and tractors and they would stop operating at around 10pm. You can get from A to B in basically no time and basically every Londoner is connected to the tube.

But also the people. Oh, how interesting they are. And what people are doing on the tube is far more interesting. People are doing their makeup, writing, reading. And this is the normal stuff. I once saw people carrying a Sofa through the tube. The tube is just this crazy busy place with millions of people using its service and at the same time it is so annonymus. 

So next time we are all back in the hot mess lets think about the good things.