The last day

So this is a post I actually didn’t want to write but I think I have to. Over the last couple of years, my interest in politics has grown. Moving from different countries learning new cultures I think knowing the political system and show and interest is important. So three years ago I came to the UK. The Brexit referendum was already through and it was clear that the UK will leave the EU at one point. 

But for me, it felt so stupid and unreal that I never thought this could happen. 

So it is the 31st of January 2020, I’m sitting in the pub I work at in Westminster and just have a break from reporting live on Brexit. And I am shocked, I am sad, I am disappointed but far more I am angry. This is the country I live in, I call this my home and I feel unwanted. I always admired the history and culture of England, I thought it was a great country and I wish soooo bad that I could go back to this thinking. But I simply can’t. I saw many protests for Brexit and against, People from each side having fights in front of parliament and all I ever thought was: “You come from the same country, you have the same nationality you are human beings, how can you heat each other that much that you punch each other in the face?” But today everything changed. So my course-mate and friend Marinka and I where in Parliament square reporting live for JLDN radio. This Brexit promoter showed very aggressive behaviour towards basically everyone. When suddenly he attacks a policeman of colour, saying you shouldn’t be here you fucking scumbag. Get back to where you came from you dirty… and the last word he said I don’t want this on my blog.


Brexit supporters where singing Donald Trumps name like he was a saviour, and I am standing there speechless. Racism is something that makes me really sad and emotional because I do not understand how something like this is possible. I am shocked.

So what do I do now? Do I keep living like this? For me, this is a very ethical question and I am lost. I don’t think I have ever been this lost in my life. 

Okay so as you guys can tell this means a lot to me and that’s because I never felt like home. So I was born in Germany I am german but when I was two years old my parents moved with me to Switzerland and I didn’t have the citizenship until I was 16 and at that time I moved to England. 

In Switzerland, I wasn’t like I feel here, but I always felt unwanted and not part of the country. I never felt that I belonged to Germany either, although I am german, I never lived there. 

So I tried to find myself a new home and here I am again. It’s frustrating.