The last day

So this is a post I actually didn’t want to write but I think I have to. Over the last couple of years, my interest in politics has grown. Moving from different countries learning new cultures I think knowing the political system and show and interest is important. So three years ago I came to […]

JLDN live radio show

This was my first time presenting for the radio show or JLDN. with my fellow student Marinka we talked about the latest news on Extinction Rebellion if teachers should be available to contact after office hours and the reunion of the Sugababes.     

About me

Hello everyone! My name is Isabella Ehrlicher and I am a Journalist student at London South Bank University. Studying in London was always my big dream and I couldn`t be happier. My heart belongs to Germany where I am originally from. Although I spent nearly all my life in Switzerland I still feel very related […]