Lack of school funding causing concern all over the UK

Lack of school funding causing concern all over the UK

The Tory government’s school funding scheme could sway everyone’s mind for the upcoming election on the 3rdof May.

Education cuts is on top of a lot of people’s political agenda as the Conservative government has recently installed new schemes to cut the funding to schools and school meals. It has caused distress to both students and parents and it might determine votes in the upcoming elections.

39 year old Amanda Brown has two children residing in a primary school in Essex and recently found out they won’t be receiving free school meals anymore: “I find it absolutely outrageous, the Tories clearly have no idea what they are doing and how it will affect our children’s education”. Brown is just one of the 160,000 children to miss out on free school means due to the Universal Credit changes. Under the government’s new scheme, the income threshold at which Year 3 children of Universal Credit recipients are eligible for free meals will be frozen at £7,400 until 2021/2022. Ultimately, according to the IFS, this means that one in eight of the 1.3 million children who currently qualify under the present system no longer will. Brown went on to say “it’s just getting stupid now, classes are getting bigger and I feel like the government no longer care about our children’s future”. When asked who she will be voting for in the upcoming election, Brown answered “anyone who promises my children the education they deserve”.

The upcoming election of Thursday 3rdof May seems to be a high priority on everyone’s agenda, including the National Union of Teachers who are protesting up and down the country against the current government funding of schools. It’s members are using all different kinds of measures such as handing out flyers and putting up banners at school gates to criticise the Conservative government and what they are doing to schools. The union says that their campaign is essentially about getting candidates for the election to take on funding issues for school.

Official figures published by the Department for Education states that 62% of secondary schools have larger classes last year than two years before. Schools have been cutting their staff to try and balance their budget they are given, which in turn means larger classes and less individual support for students and more strain on the teachers. 15,000 staff have been let go within the past two years, which is approximately a cut back of 5.5 members of staff in every secondary school.

The cut back of teaching assistants will massively affect students with special education needs and for students with disabilities, as on average 1.6 of them will be cut down in every secondary. Furthermore, schools have to decrease the subjects they have on offer and extracurricular activities.

Kevin Courtney, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, has encouraged teachers to relaunch their campaign this month and said: “let’s make sure that the local elections see candidates being quizzed about their attitude to funding this generation’s education properly”.

With the upcoming election vastly approaching, the unions efforts to bring to light the true problems of the governments funding could sway voters minds. More so than council tax, housing and bin collections that politicians seem to be focusing on.


Mondays live show review 05/03/2018

This week, I was assistant news editor to Charlie which went quite smoothly. I went to class very ill but I still managed to try do my best. Charlie put on slack can everyone’s VT’s be on dropbox for us both to view before the day of the live show so we could have one step ahead and come to the live show prepared with what we were going to use or drop, however they weren’t uploaded. This left a short amount of time in the morning to watch the VT’s, but we managed to discuss why we should drop what VT and why and was happy with our choices. I added up the times of all the VT packages so I could inform the news editor of how much time we had for what on the show. I felt like me and Charlie worked very well together, and we both added the correct items to inceptions and wrote/changed some scripts. I also wrote the questions for the guest.

This was our second live show of our second semester, and overall it didn’t go to plan as everyone would have liked to of hoped. Throughout both the show and the rehearsals different technical difficulties were highlighted which caused stress within the news room. The major problems involved sound, the scripts and the camera shots. However, the presenters remained professional and carried on the show to their best potential. The newsroom was all a bit hectic, but I feel like it was a very good learning curve for everyone.

The VT’s everyone produced covered a wide range of stories with some light-hearted content which I feel helps with the target audience. Furthermore, the guest segment of the show went exteremly well and it really helped the show. It was a shame that our live show got pushed back a week as being assistant news editor I had asked someone up for the LSBU election to come on the show but because it was no longer election week it was no longer relevant.

Our VT was on the regeneration of Elephant and Castle but me and Charlie decided to cut it because the video was edited in the wrong format. When we got given the story, I emailed all the different council members that were involved in the push back of the regeneration but no one had got back to me so we decided to talk to market stall owners who were going to be affected. I went along to filming to help and then I also did the write up.

Thursdays live show review 16/11/17

After a pretty awful week last week, I was determined to get back on track. After my talk with LJ, she explained thoroughly what the ‘social media editor’ job entails, and I went into the week with a clear mind of what to do. I was told focus mainly on Twitter, so I made sure to do at least one tweet an hour Monday through to Wednesday, whether it was replying to someone, tweeting, quote retweeting, running polls and so on. I still posted on the’s Instagram and Facebook, but I was constantly on Twitter looking for the latest trends and hashtags I could get involved with so our page would get more recognition and promote the show. I made sure to always tag the right people and use as many relevant hashtags as possible. Furthermore, when it came down to the actual live show days, I posted a lot more than I did last week and took more back stage images to post. I was much happier with how I performed this role than I was last week.

Regarding the group VT, I made sure to be more involved than I was last week. Although our group decided in the first week that every two weeks we will all switch roles (meaning I would still be assigned the write up role as it was the second week) I still went along to filming as a helping hand. We got really good vox pops and gv’s, but unfortunately wasn’t able to get an expert interview – although I still think our VT went really well and was informative. 

The live show went extremely well yet again, and I even think it was an improvement on last week. The presenters were more relaxed than last week, maybe down to it being their second week in that role and practicing. Before the show the studio was a bit hectic but when it came down to 3pm everyone was in their position and ready to perform their role well. Leanne was a brilliant director and all the camera shots were really well, especially when Delina was on the sofa and it switched cameras. The only downside to the live show was that Delina’s mic was too loud.



Thursdays live show review 09/11/17

In comparison to the last live show, I was now assigned as the Social Media Editor which was quite more difficult than expected as I didn’t really understand what I had to do. I looked back at what the social media editor on the previous weeks did to try get an idea of what to do, and thought I was doing okay. Although, I didn’t know what to post during the week as only 3 groups had sent me behind the scenes photos for me to post. On the day of the live show I got the hang of it more, but still thought I could of done better. Overall, I thought my role went badly but LJ messaged me saying I can meet her Monday so she can explain the role properly, so hopefully next week I will fulfil the role to my full potentional.

Regarding the group VT, I also felt pretty useless. I had to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at my job so I wouldn’t be able to go out filming. Therefore, as a group, we all decided to assign me the write up role, so when Nick finished editing he sent me the video so I could write the article along side the video. Although I wasn’t involved as I had liked, I think I produced a good article with good facts and the relevant information. I think my group did a brilliant job at our Christmas Lights VT and it was beautifully shot, I just wish I was able to go filming as well.

When it came to the actual live show, it was yet again a big improvement from the week before. Leanne did a brilliant job at directing, as well as the presenters George and Shola as they had really good chemistry. Remeka and Jacob also did good with their presenting jobs, so it made the live show run really smoothly. It also helped at the fact everyone rehearsed before hand so everyone knew what to expect. The set of VT’s was also a fantastic set, as there was the right variety of hard news and light hearted stories. 


‘Happy’ Halloween everybody?

‘Happy’ Halloween everybody?

Another year and Halloween has crept upon us, however it’s not such a celebratory event for everyone.

Halloween: the eve of All Saints’ Day. It dates back thousands of years ago to the ancient Gaelic festival, Samhain. The day in which it celebrates the ending of harvest season, but also as the night that a door between our world and the next was opened, which meant spirits could pass through freely. But now, a day in which children roam the streets trick or treating and everyone (well nearly everyone) dresses up in a spooky costume to celebrate the holiday.

Nonetheless, Halloween isn’t such an exciting event for everyone. In fact, some Christians are totally against the whole concept and idea. They see it as celebrating the evil spirits, which isn’t something they believe in and don’t want to practice. However, some Christians see no problem with celebrating the day at all.

Twenty-Two-year-old Catherine Bossa has only been celebrating for six years due to her being brought up in a Christian household and states “growing up we didn’t celebrate Halloween but at sixteen we were allowed to make our own decision” which is why Bossa celebrates the tradition today. Although Bossa doesn’t hold a grudge against her mother, she admitted “I felt left out when all my friends would go out trick or treating”.

This year, Bossa plans to dress up as a dead cat – a timeline classic for Halloween and will surely not be the only one wondering our streets. As a well-practiced Christian herself, Bossa still decides to celebrate Halloween despite the backlash from some Christians. She sees it as harmless fun and enjoys the celebration of it all – and of course the endless amounts of sweets and chocolate.


Thursdays live show review 26/10/17

Following last week’s live show, I was still assigned as an On The Day Reporter which meant I didn’t have to change too much. However, last week I wrote a local article and this week I wanted to challenge myself with a more widespread story. Coming to last week’s show with 4 different possible stories really helped me so I came to this weeks with 5, to make it even easier for me. But, on the day there was a new study that came out that found 30,000 people with a long term mental illness lose their job each year, which I thought would be a great feature for the website. I knew of someone who was laid of work due to their mental illness, but once I interviewed him I wasn’t happy with the content of the interview which took me back a couple of steps. I didn’t have much luck finding someone which took a lot of time up, until I found a perfect case study and she gave me really good content from our interview which I was then pleased with. Overall, I was happy with the article I published considering it was a challenge from last week.

Regarding the group VT, I was also really happy with how it turned out. When I found out about the new T-Charge I knew it would be a great idea for a VT, so I researched into it and suggested it in the class meeting and thankfully Theo gave us it to do. I got all the statistics and facts I needed, and wrote Nick a script as he was the presenter. I then went out filming with Nick and Francisca as an extra helping hand. Afterwards, I spent the whole day editing the VT and uploading it to Dropbox. However, we did face some obstacles. It was difficult to find actual drivers to interview, as most people we asked were commuters. But, after a day of standing around approaching people we were pleased with the vox pops that we got.

When it came to the actual live show, it was a great improvement from last week but also had some fall backs. I think the presenters did a really good job and they seemed to have brilliant chemistry, but unfortunately James mic ended up being really low so his good presentation of bulletins wasn’t picked up on the show. I think as it was the second show and people had the same roles, they learned from last week and improved. Additionally, I thought the set of VT packages were better than last week as they were more interesting and also better visually.

Thursday’s live show review 19/10/17

For the first weeks live show I was an On The Day Reporter, which I was pleased with as I like finding stories and reporting on them. Although, I did think it would of been quite difficult to write a story with an interview on one day but I came really prepared with four different stories and interviews so I just put my head down on the day and wrote the most relevant one for the show and target audience. Also, James (the Bulletins Presenter) came to me and asked for a story to include on his presenting, which made me feel really helpful. 

Regarding our VT, I also think it went really well. Before we went out filming, I researched our story and got all the information that would of helped with our VT. Then, I went out filming over three days with Nick and Francisca where I suggested different shots to Francisca. After, I then spent a day editing the whole VT and wrote a script out for Nick for his voiceover, but unfortunately the sound came out not as good, but it was too late to ask for another. After I received the voiceover, I finished editing the VT and uploaded it to dropbox. 

When it came to the actual live show, again, I thought it went well – regarding it was everyones first time. There was a few technical glitches, which everyone could learn from and easily be fixed with more practice. I think that the show had a wide range of topics, which made it a good balance and interesting to watch. 

LSBU wins and excels in it’s graduate employability prospects

The Times and The Sunday Times Good University Guide 2018 has granted London Southbank University the new title for University of the Year for Graduate Employment.

                   LSBU’s careers centre

Going to University results in a few years up and downs, tough work and heavy practice. As students participate in this further education, they want the security of knowing they have a job to fall into straight away – how else would they pay of the thousands of debts they are in?

London Southbank University has come in 20th in the ranking for overall graduate prospects and their median graduate salaries stand at £24,000, a salary beaten by just ten universities nationally. This prize could also be linked to the fact London Southbank University is situated in the heart of London, with an employment rate of 73.3 percent due to the continuing market for jobs expanding every day. Sam Dogs, a 3rd year student at LSBU, claimed he didn’t know about the new achievement but stated ‘that’s encouraging, considering how much money we are spending’. Additionally, Heather Towns, a 2nd year student said ‘that’s good. I’m getting the degree and the aftercare that comes with it’.

Despite the accomplishment, Veisha Roy-Johnson, one of London Southbank’s careers advisor’s states ‘we need to get higher’ and set up a new employment agency to help students find part-time work while they study – this could mean they will be topping the charts next year.


The Diversity Gap In The Oscar’s

The Diversity Gap In The Oscar’s

The Oscar’s has caused an uproar of controversy over the last decade due to there being a pattern with who gets nominated or even wins. However, it’s not only race that defines what film wins an Academy Award.

Ever since the Oscar’s first commenced in 1929, it has mainly been dominated by white folk, with there only being 36 black Academy Award winners ever since. Considering the 88 years the awards ceremony has been running, it is understandable as to why social media trends such as #OscarsSoWhite has emerged and why a range of celebrities chose to boycott the 2016 ceremony. Will Smith was just one of many of the famous figures which didn’t turn up to the Oscars nor vote due to the lack of representation of different races, which has been an ongoing problem over the past few decades. 

The first ever black person to win an Oscar award was Hattie McDaniel in 1939, which was a full ten years since the Oscars started, and the next black winner wasn’t until 1963 for best actor. Ever since, whilst the diversity of winners has improved, it certainly isn’t as equal as people would like it to be. For example, since 2000, the non-white nominees for best actress has only been 18.7%, and for best actor 33.3%, which is nothing compared to the white figures.

However, it’s not only the individual awards that show how the Oscar’s are universally corrupt. With ‘Best Picture’ being the most acclaimed Oscar Award there is, there is 3 common denominator’s for the leading role – ethnicity, gender and age.

Since 2000, there has only been 3 films with a leading role of a non-white person, compared to the 14 films which do have a white leading role, which yet again shows the diversity gap within the Oscar’s. Nevertheless, there seems to be an even vaster gap, and it lays in gender. 88% of films in 2000 with a male leading role won the award for ‘Best Picture’, with only two films featuring a woman as the leading role. Considering this statistic, alongside ethnicity, it proves that the traditional Oscar’s needs to be completely rejuvenated.

Notably, the other reoccurring factor that the leading role offers is age. Whilst this aspect isn’t as major as ethnicity and gender, there is a considerable amount of films since 2000 that has the leading role between 21-40 years of age. Only 6% of films offer a leading role of someone under the age of 20, which is in great contrast to the 59% of leading roles which are ages between 21-40.

The Oscar’s is one of America’s biggest and renowned institutions which recognise’s excellence in cinematic achievements, but unfortunately seems to be recognising only one area. With data being shown as above and the viral backlash and boycotting on social media, perhaps whitewashed and male-based Hollywood might make a change. Until then, if you’re a filmmaker wanting to win an Oscar for Best Picture – just make sure the leading role is a white male aged between 21 and 40.

Student Accommodation Loses It’s Touch

London Southbank University’s most favoured student accommodation is loosing its popularity due to an uprise in complaints over the past year. 

For this news package, I was assigned the ‘VT editor’ role so when our group finished all the filming and researching, I put it altogether and it took just over two days. I edited the sound, the colours and the effects for the whole VT news package, put all the videos together and chose the right places to put the voiceover at. But, I wanted to be more involved in the whole process so I went out and helped with all of the filming process. I spent 4 days with Charlie and Elle-mae filming and spent one evening with Charlie and Olivia filming. Also, I did some researching  before we started filming so we would know who to speak to and about what. After I edited the video, I uploaded the video on to youtube and came up with the headline and stand first for the group so they could upload on their websites. The main challenge with this VT package was that McLaren’s building manager and the laundry wash station didn’t want to give us information on how many complaints they receive. We therefore had to work with a case study instead.

Credits (Patch 1):

Charlie Wetton – Reporter

Elle-mae – Camera Operator

Olivia – Camera Operator

Catherine Bossa – Case Study Interviewee