Thursdays live show review 09/11/17

In comparison to the last live show, I was now assigned as the Social Media Editor which was quite more difficult than expected as I didn’t really understand what I had to do. I looked back at what the social media editor on the previous weeks did to try get an idea of what to do, and thought I was doing okay. Although, I didn’t know what to post during the week as only 3 groups had sent me behind the scenes photos for me to post. On the day of the live show I got the hang of it more, but still thought I could of done better. Overall, I thought my role went badly but LJ messaged me saying I can meet her Monday so she can explain the role properly, so hopefully next week I will fulfil the role to my full potentional.

Regarding the group VT, I also felt pretty useless. I had to work Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at my job so I wouldn’t be able to go out filming. Therefore, as a group, we all decided to assign me the write up role, so when Nick finished editing he sent me the video so I could write the article along side the video. Although I wasn’t involved as I had liked, I think I produced a good article with good facts and the relevant information. I think my group did a brilliant job at our Christmas Lights VT and it was beautifully shot, I just wish I was able to go filming as well.

When it came to the actual live show, it was yet again a big improvement from the week before. Leanne did a brilliant job at directing, as well as the presenters George and Shola as they had really good chemistry. Remeka and Jacob also did good with their presenting jobs, so it made the live show run really smoothly. It also helped at the fact everyone rehearsed before hand so everyone knew what to expect. The set of VT’s was also a fantastic set, as there was the right variety of hard news and light hearted stories.