Mondays live show review 05/03/2018

This week, I was assistant news editor to Charlie which went quite smoothly. I went to class very ill but I still managed to try do my best. Charlie put on slack can everyone’s VT’s be on dropbox for us both to view before the day of the live show so we could have one step ahead and come to the live show prepared with what we were going to use or drop, however they weren’t uploaded. This left a short amount of time in the morning to watch the VT’s, but we managed to discuss why we should drop what VT and why and was happy with our choices. I added up the times of all the VT packages so I could inform the news editor of how much time we had for what on the show. I felt like me and Charlie worked very well together, and we both added the correct items to inceptions and wrote/changed some scripts. I also wrote the questions for the guest.

This was our second live show of our second semester, and overall it didn’t go to plan as everyone would have liked to of hoped. Throughout both the show and the rehearsals different technical difficulties were highlighted which caused stress within the news room. The major problems involved sound, the scripts and the camera shots. However, the presenters remained professional and carried on the show to their best potential. The newsroom was all a bit hectic, but I feel like it was a very good learning curve for everyone.

The VT’s everyone produced covered a wide range of stories with some light-hearted content which I feel helps with the target audience. Furthermore, the guest segment of the show went exteremly well and it really helped the show. It was a shame that our live show got pushed back a week as being assistant news editor I had asked someone up for the LSBU election to come on the show but because it was no longer election week it was no longer relevant.

Our VT was on the regeneration of Elephant and Castle but me and Charlie decided to cut it because the video was edited in the wrong format. When we got given the story, I emailed all the different council members that were involved in the push back of the regeneration but no one had got back to me so we decided to talk to market stall owners who were going to be affected. I went along to filming to help and then I also did the write up.