Student Accommodation Loses its Touch.

Living in halls of residence is becoming an increasingly popular choice, for first year students especially. However, after many student complaints, life in one of London South Bank Universities most popular halls doesn’t seem as great as its advertised to be. JLDN reporter Charlie Wetton finds out more.

London Southbank University’s most favoured student accommodation is loosing its popularity due to an uprise in complaints over the past year.

In this VT package, I took the role of “Camera Operator”. This meant that I went out with Charlie (Reporter) and Emma (editor) on many different days, to film the footage we needed for our final package. I made sure that the equipment was set up correctly and that the angles were accurate so that we could capture both a good quality video and sound. I think the most challenging part of this role was making sure that the correct equipment was booked out at the correct times and was working.

Credits (Patch 1):

Charlie Wetton – Reporter

Elle-Mae Smith – Camera Operator

Olivia Kemp – Camera Operator

Emma Parker – Editor 

Catherine Bossa – Case Study Interviewee



Author: esmith

Im currently living in London, studying Journalism at South Bank University.