JLDN live show: Thursday 16th November

This week we decided to take on a Christmas theme to creating our VT for the live show. We found that the South Bank Christmas Market had opened a few days earlier, so we decided to do a review type package on what people can expect and why they should visit there. We were also assigned our own photographer this week, to go out and take some pictures that would accompany the written piece and be a cover photo for our package on YouTube.

Due to other commitments, I couldn’t take part in the filming this week, so I volunteered to do the write up for our VT. I kept in contact with the rest of the group to ensure that I was certain on what the angle of our story was so that our VT package and written article were linked. I did some research and watched our final package before sending it to the website editors to ensure they went well together. I enjoyed doing the write up for this piece as it was very seasonal and fun to complete.

During this assessment week, my role was radio based, so I didn’t have a role during the live show. Although I didn’t have an assigned role during the video show, I liked how the final show was produced and this that everyone had grown comfortable in there roles, due to the great show the week before. I’m looking forward to being audio producer over the next couple of weeks as its not something I have ever done before.


Author: esmith

Im currently living in London, studying Journalism at South Bank University.