JLDN Radio Show: Monday 12th February

VT Team – voice over and VT editor

This week, our content team was the planning team. This meant that we had an extra two days planning to find the content for our final VT. Due to it being pancake day the day after the broadcast, we decided to create a radio package running through a basic pancake recipe. 

We split the clip up into three sections, with me, Isla and Olivia doing the voiceover and James wrote the article to go along with it. In my part of the voiceover, I covered what ingredients were needed to make the pancakes. I also took on the role of VT editor, so Once I had received the other clips, I could start putting the final package together.

Editing the clips together was quite easy as they all flowed well into each other. We could have included a little bit in the package about how we were moving from one voice to another, because to those who didn’t know there were going to be three different voices, it could have seemed a bit confusing. However, even though the editing was easy, I had trouble exporting in the correct format again, as did other members of the class. Most of us had forgotten to include the metadata on the tracks so when it came to the final show, not many of the clips would play.

I enjoyed the roles I had this week, even though I still had issues with the editing. I just need to make sure I go through the exporting process with someone, so I can understand and know how to do it correctly next time.

Live show role – OTD

This week’s Radio show didn’t exactly go to plan. With it being the first one we had done since before Christmas, I think most of us had forgotten some of the aspects that went towards producing a radio show and should have made more time to go through our roles to make sure the show would go out well.

My role this week was news editor, so on the morning of the live show we had a team meeting, running through all the stories and making sure they were all put together. We came up with a running order and set stories for the on the day reporters to cover.

The rest of the day was filled with making sure that scripts were completed for the presenters and the radio clips were all uploaded onto Dropbox.

However, about 20 minutes before the live show, it was clear that there was a problem. Only two of the clips were showing up in the correct format and would be able to be played out live. This was due to the metadata not being put into most of the clips, which should have been checked with the producers well before the live show.

Even though this put a bit of stress on everyone producing the radio show, it gave us an opportunity to think on our feet. We decided to play out the two clips we had at the start, then bring in our sports, weather and lifestyle presenters. We also brought in some people to talk us through the stories that they had produced this week, so even though we couldn’t play out the clips, the listeners still got to hear the stories. Whilst all this was going on we tried to make sure we let the presenters know what we were planning to move to next.

Even though this week’s show was very chaotic and unplanned, it was a good opportunity to make sure that everyone could work together and knew what was coming next in the show. In future radio shows, we need to make sure that all the clips being shown in the radio show are in the correct format, and that everyone knows what their roles entail. Need to make sure you know how to do every aspect of your role so that the radio show goes out correctly.


Author: esmith

Im currently living in London, studying Journalism at South Bank University.