JLDN live show: Monday 5th March

VT Role – camera operator

During this week’s live show, our content team covered a story sex education apps for young adults. These apps aim offer more accurate help and advice for people about their sexual health.

Me and Isla did some research on the story during Wednesday’s class and booked out the necessary equipment for us to film. We decided on Isla to present and me to film as we were the only ones in class on Wednesday. The only day we were both free was Friday morning, so we got all of the filming done then. Luckily, we got it all done, and I sent the clips to James to edit.

Our final package turned out well and I enjoyed being the camera operator this week as you have the chance to try out different shots and angles. However, it was a bit stressful as it was just me and Isla working on the filming.

Live show role – on the day reporter

Along with being camera operator in our content team, we also have key roles in putting the live show together. This week I didn’t have a specific production or editorial, so I needed to find a story to cover on the day. This week I decided to cover international women’s day, as our editor in chief (Isla) wanted someone to cover this event.

I covered events going on in London, and the history of international women’s day. It was a fun event to cover however I prefer having a production or an editorial role on the live days as there seems to be more structure in the days. The live show this week went very well though and everyone did a good job with the roles and the stories produced.


Author: esmith

Im currently living in London, studying Journalism at South Bank University.