2-3 Minute Package Examples

Package 1- Rashford free food scheme. Lots of different people speaking. Starts off with football crowd noise/ commentary. Many witnesses giving their opinion- adds authenticity. 2 minutes 22 seconds

Package 2- Apprenticeships. Personal interviews of who is affected. Open, non restricting questions asked. Background music played throughout. Natural sound when people are being interviewed, can hear street sound. 2 minutes 7 seconds

Package 3- Personal story told about Christmas. Questions asked for her which allows Grace to convey her story which has been affected by Covid. Lots of Christmas-like sound effects/ music. Explores Christmas-Covid conundrum. 2 minutes 24 seconds

Package 4- Upbeat music played from the beginning. Sets the tone of a positive mood. Expert asked questions from public. Expert has a straight answer for every question creates a sense of authority. 3 minutes 2 seconds

Package 5- Many different speakers. Interviewed someone who works in the factory. Which presents the harsh reality of it, makes us sympathise. Background music played, keeps it going and doesn’t make it flat. 2 minutes 11 seconds.