A Silver Screen Scene

BFI IMAX’s Hollywood Prop Auction; Han Solo’s ‘Empire Strikes Back’ jacket, expected to be sold for approximately one million pounds. Image taken by Craig Fergus

A free exhibition at Waterloo’s BFI IMAX reached its climax this evening in the form of a large-scale auction. Many tourists and Londoners attended the Entertainment Memorabilia Auction display over the two weeks that select items of film memorabilia were on show – these include the iconic hover-board from the ‘Back to the Future’ franchise, and a jacket worn by Han Solo (Harrison Ford) in ‘Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back’.

The BFI IMAX has played host to the popular auction for the last consecutive five years, where six hundred costumes and props from Hollywood films are sold to buyers across the globe. However, only the most poignant garments are on display to the general public.

Aretha, a student living in the city, was caught admiring the hand-signed Harry Potter book, and another visitor, named Steve, told me was attending the auction in hopes of placing the final bid on one of the original Star Wars film prints. At the time of writing, a life-size statue of Johnny Depp’s ‘Edward Scissorhands’ had just been sold for £65,000.

Although the showcase was appreciated by visitors, the exhibition was lacking was publicity; most attendees were from central London, because it wasn’t promoted on social media. Furthermore, it was still popular – the exhibition ran everyday from 10AM-9:30PM.