We Must Remember – and Why We Can’t Forget

Side view of ‘Poppies: Weeping Window’ outside the main entrance of Imperial War Museum in Southwark

On Wednesday (October 12), British Transport Police revealed their officers have been barred from putting symbolic poppy flowers on their vehicles in honour of this forthcoming Remembrance Day – this is a decision that has left both locals and visitors of Lambeth’s Imperial War Museum less than impressed.

Due to 2018 being the centenary year of World War One’s demise, many feel that respecting our country’s history has never been more important. Harry Roberts, 48, of Southwark, a visitor at Imperial War Museum, condemned British Transport Polices decision, stating that the idea is ‘disgraceful’ – he mentioned his dislike of ‘political correctness’, and made the bold statement that ‘us Brits need to remember why we’re free to do as we please today’.

Imperial War Museums newly-built cascade opened on October 4th to vast admiration from its guests; it is made up of hundreds of ceramic poppies used in the iconic 2014 ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red’ display at the Tower of London. The exhibition will run until November 18 – one week after Remembrance Day.

Imperial War Museum is open from 10AM-6PM seven days a week.