How Mobile News Gathering is Changing Journalism

As smartphones like the iPhone and Samsung are increasing in popularity every year, it was only time until journalism had to begin adapting to fit the new normal way of receiving news stories – this is why journalists nowadays have to think differently as to how they are going to present their work to the public, because our concentration levels are decreasing and we want to be given a lot of information in a short format.

With mobile news gathering, consumers can interpret the news they read in a completely new way than what it was like two decades ago. For instance, it’s common nowadays for every article on a website such as the Mail Online to have an accompanying video; regardless of whether it has anything to do with that exact story or the topic in which they are writing about.

Another way that mobile news has shaped journalism is through social medias distribution of the news. Due to networking sites such as Twitter and Snapchat garnering millions of new accounts every week, more and more people are now relying on these websites for their daily news. ‘Twitter Moments’ and ‘Snapchat Discover’ provide a range of different topics and accounts you can subscribe to that will cover all the news you want to know. This is significantly popular in young adults aged 16-24, who are one of social medias largest demographics.