I Spent Five Days Following The Telegraph’s ‘Snapchat’ Account

After being subscribed to newspaper ‘The Telegraphs’ Snapchat account for several days, I found that there were two key stories covered – one progressively – which demonstrated their determination to appeal to a younger audience.

In Wednesday’s (October 24) Snapchat story, The Telegraph documented claims of sexual harassment against a powerful businessmen, but were unable to name him due to an injunction he had paid for to prevent his identity being published. As the week went on, public interest grew regarding the man’s identity, which on Friday resulted in Labour politician Peter Hain naming the alleged predator as Topshop billionaire Philip Green.

I think The Telegraph used this story as their main one for the Friday Snapchat story because they knew younger readers would immediately identify with the brand names ‘Topshop’ and ‘Topman’, enticing them to want to know more about the story.

Due to The Telegraph being a professional tabloid newspaper, I think that they use their platform to raise awareness of important stories that young people need to be aware of. For instance, on the Thursday (October 25), they wrote about how every four minutes, someone aged 15-21 is diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection (STI).

Writing about topics such as STI’s is vital in raising awareness of sexual health in young adults, and will encourage them to use condoms and to get tested for STI’s frequently.