Filming at Houses of Parliament

Filming our VT’s around Westminster on the morning of February 26th proved to be an interesting experience, as we learnt several things regarding the logistics of our idea.

We began with filming establishing shots that included Brexit protestors, EU flags and the Houses of Parliament. Using my iPhone XR video camera and a rented microphone, Georgie done the presenting whilst Alessia and I done on-screen interviewing. I think this would have looked a lot more professional had Georgie done all the interviewing and it was just her voice in the VT, as feedback showed that it looked quite messy.

From the feedback, we also realised that it didn’t look good how Alessia and I were sat on opposite sides of both our interviewees, as it looked unprofessional and we were having to stretch the microphone over each interviewee which didn’t look good.

I also learnt that in future VT’s, we should get the full name and occupation of every interviewee for future reference.

Next time, I think we need to plan ahead better. This is because our original VT was going to be about young British citizens views on Brexit, but the only young people we could find were two young women from Italy and Brazil, so our story was changed.